West Creative Industries (WCI)

WCI is a 14-partner consortium and program in Pays de la Loire French region supported by regional and european funds. It is led by the Université de Nantes and the Nantes Atlantique School of Design, with innovation agencies, local governments and 12 other academic organizations (including 150 researchers from 25 labs).


WCI gathers interdisciplinary skills in digital sciences, humanities, design, art and architecture on the topic of human experience -the lived, sensitive experience experienced by a person in a given situation, for example in relation to products, services, spaces or public policies. This expertise helps to design likeable futures by inventing new user-based models, bringing out solutions to societal, environmental, digital and industrial transitions. 


WCI is a shared ground for academic institutions and companies, supporting research and innovation projects, new training programmes and international partnerships.


The scope of WCI actions

West Creative Industries is involved in a variety of sectors: creative industries, cities, health and industries of the future.