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Health is one of the fields most impacted by transitions, particularly digital ones. The central objective of the Patient Experience Evaluation Lab (PEEL) is to support transitions in health care pathways by experimenting and proposing innovative evaluation and design methodologies based on the health experience.

It is organised around three activities: an interdisciplinary think tank, methodological design work and field experimentation.

Objectives of the PEEL

The world of health is changing, and health is one of the areas most impacted by transitions, particularly digital ones. Thus, interactions are becoming digitalized, new digital platforms are appearing, the patient is called to become an actor of his health pathway and the role of the doctor is evolving accordingly. These profound upheavals require new, more inclusive and user-centred approaches to analysis and design.


The central objective of the Patient Experience Evaluation Lab (PEEL) is to support transitions in health care pathways by experimenting and proposing innovative evaluation and design methodologies based on the health experience. The aim is to think and experiment methodologically with interventions based on experience in healthcare pathways by bringing together interdisciplinary researchers and partners from the socio-economic world.


In the long term, we plan to provide a critical vision of patient experience collection methods in order to improve existing methods and propose new methods that can be deployed and used throughout the territory. We will be keen to disseminate our methods internationally in the form of scientific publications, to sustainably transform the world of healthcare towards more empathic care.


Activities of the IIP

The activities of the PEEL are structured around the CIFRE thesis of Loélia Rapin. Engaged with the design and innovation agency Sensipode, this thesis proposes to study the methodologies centred on patient experience as well as the intervention of design and digital technology in health care. By combining the academic strengths of the laboratories of the University of Nantes and Care Design Lab (L’École de design Nantes Atlantique) with the skills of Sensipode, and the agencies Moswo and AIA, PEEL is organised around three complementary approaches

  1. a circle of interdisciplinary reflection on the challenges of the experience of participants in health care pathways / patient pathways,
  2. work on the construction of new methodologies for the analysis and design of the patient experience nourishing and fed by experimentation,
  3. the implementation of experimentation of these methodologies in health care pathways.

Thus, these three approaches will be carried out simultaneously around several strategic axes:

  • Coordination between the various health actors around the patient experience.
  • Simplification and digitalisation of the patient’s health pathway
  • Patients in a vulnerable position


Organisation in Working Groups

Several interdisciplinary working groups (researchers, designers, members of health care institutions, etc.) are organised around concrete fields. The aim is to carry out experiments on health care sites by combining several experience gathering methodologies (based on the different expertise of the working group members). Thus, the collection and analysis of experience data will provide tools and material for understanding the grey areas of the methods used, as well as for designing and analysing new methods for collecting and analysing patient experience.


This fieldwork will feed the reflection on the experiments we will conduct in the form of workshops and methodological, ethical and philosophical discussions on the patient experience. Symposia and presentations will be organised in 2022 around the strategic themes and will mobilise researchers, designers and doctors working on the patient experience, in France and abroad.



Join or participate in PEEL

PEEL is a platform that federates all types of actors around the patient experience and offers everyone the opportunity to participate or to get involved in order to share the advances. In this case, three types of actors have already been identified: actors providing a health experimentation site, such as hospitals, clinics, etc., where experiments can be carried out. Companies (industrialists and agencies) that are already mobilising patient experience in their studies or that want to integrate this dimension into their thinking. Companies will participate in discussions and experiments by providing additional manpower (with an apprentice or trainee supported by a member of the agency). Finally, the researchers who design new methodologies and carry out experiments, all in collaboration with the industrialists.


WIC and interdisciplinary innovation programmes in Pays de la Loire

As part of its innovation component, the Ouest Industrie Créatives programme has launched the Interdisciplinary Innovation Platforms, which aim to respond to the concrete challenges of societal, environmental, digital or industrial transitions through the prism of the user experience and innovation in use.


An IIP federates, over a minimum period of 36 months, multidisciplinary thematic Research-Innovation consortia associating researchers and socio-economic players from the Pays de la Loire. It must implement a research and innovation programme, combining academic and industrial interests, which will make it possible to generate interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on the design and evaluation of the human experience and thus contribute to providing a concrete response to one or more of the transition challenges encountered by the region’s stakeholders.



PEEL – Jean-Philippe Rivière – Univ. Nantes /

Julien Laflaquière – WCI Innovation Officer /


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