Areas of

Lines of excellence in scientific research on experience

The programme is structured around two main themes:

  • Designing new experiences
  • Evaluating experience

To structure the research activities with the programme, these two themes are connected to two lines of scientific work:


Basic research on experiential methodologies

The aim is to strengthen methodological and scientific skills on experience. Resources are produced in these two areas:

  • Analysis of quality of experience
  • Changes in economic models (cultures, media, heritage) and value measurement (impact on the attractiveness of the region, quantification)

Hybrid applied science-creation research for designing new experiences

Through this line of research, WCI aims to test and prove the efficacy of combining creative (art, design, architecture) and scientific (ICST, HSS) methods as an innovative approach to real issues.


The projects explore new know-how, tools, business models and practices in the conception of experiences for industry and local and regional authorities (products, services, places, artworks, etc.).

Research projects on experience

To date, West Creative Industries has supported 17 projects in the field of research and experimentation, to nurture these two research lines.