COVID-19 Action Plan

West Creative Industries federates regional academic expertise in science and technology, human and social sciences, design, art and architecture to respond to the challenges of societal, environmental and productive system transitions through the prism of human experience. This network is able to provide concrete and adapted answers to users on complex subjects, based on a fine understanding of human perception and uses.

Faced with the COVID-19 health crisis, we place our creative forces and our experience in applied research and innovation at the service of innovative solutions. We therefore call on teachers, researchers, students and employees of the member structures of the WCI programme to make known any initiative that could be deployed in the very short term or over the coming months.



We commit alongside you to this action by:

  1. Identifying and publishing the initiatives of our regional network, whether they are solutions that can be deployed in the very short term or over the coming months, ongoing research projects or ideas for solutions – fill out the survey.
  2. Acting as a hub to put project leaders working on the same subjects in contact with each other and help them find support from regional and national actors (support structures, associations, companies, etc.)
  3. Relaying calls for contributions from our regional partners and national and international bodies (dedicated page coming soon).
  4. Mobilizing an emergency fund for the prototyping of innovative solutions that can be deployed over the very short term, complemented by the support of the WCI Research, Higher Education and Innovation operations team to carry out rapid procurement and manage logistics – read more about the emergency fund.


Please contact us by mail with any questions or suggestions.




West Creative Industries is a Research, Higher Education and Innovation approach in the Pays de la Loire involving fourteen partners and financiers