West Creative Industries is an official partner of the new European Bauhaus!

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Higher Education

The European Commission has selected Ouest Industries Créatives as the official partner of the New European Bauhaus. A benchmark research, training and innovation program in terms of experience, the RFI OIC is positioned as the representative of the Pays de la Loire region within this ambitious environmental, economic and cultural project for Europe.


West Creative Industries, promoter and key interlocutor throughout the initiative of the New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus is an environmental, economic and cultural program based on the reconciliation between sustainability, aesthetics and openness to all. Based on the principle of exchange and co-construction, it must provide solutions to the questions raised by the ecological transition in our living environment and our daily experiences by associating designers, architects, artists, engineers, researchers and students. [Fin out more]


By becoming a partner of the new European Bauhaus, Ouest Industries Créatives joins a network of nearly 90 European partners, including Aalto University, a long-standing partner of its international strategy.


Within this network, Ouest Industries Créatives stands out in two ways. First, for its multidisciplinary expertise in approaching the user, patient, client and visitor experience, whatever the fields of activity. On the other hand, for the territory of application of the OIC program, that of the Pays de la Loire region, whose singularity is expressed by the dynamism and the diversification of its ecosystem: from the village to the metropolis, from the revitalization from rural areas to the development of the connected and sustainable city, from the agricultural economy to the tourist economy.


The actors and partners of the OIC network thus contribute to thinking, manufacturing and testing the lifestyles of tomorrow (smart and creative cities, industries of the future, health and better living, space and lifestyles, digital tools, etc.) including the region Pays de la Loire is a field of experimentation on a large scale !



New European Bauhaus partners engage in one or more of the following actions :

  • Bring together a diversity of professionals from all disciplines to generate ideas
  • Identify inspiring projects, practices or concepts
  • Discuss and collect the needs and expectations of citizens.



Fin out more : The website of the new European Bauhaus and the explanatory note on the new European Bauhaus explained.


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