EXPÉ[Angers] Challenge 2019-20 : Presentation of the prototypes

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Launched in October 2019, EXPÉ[Angers] brings together students in Textile Techniques (ESAD TALM Angers), Computer Science (Automated Systems and Computer Engineering at Polytech, University of Angers) and Cultural Project Management (Master in Culture, Faculty of Tourism and Culture at the University of Angers) around a project to promote the Apocalypse Tapestry, a large medieval set of tapestries that is unique in the world, exhibited at the Château d’Angers-Domaine National.


This project represented an exploration of the Tapestry by students working in multidisciplinary teams, to deliver several fun, spectacular, sensitive and emotional experiences allowing this outstanding work to be discovered remotely and to arouse the public’s curiosity.

The 30 or so students involved were divided into four multidisciplinary teams so that each with their specific skills could bring real added value to the final product. For six months, they focused on developing original content illustrating the rich heritage and history of the Apocalypse Tapestry, while offering an original discovery experience through a game, digital technologies, and even by stimulating the senses.


In March 2020, students presented their full-scale, innovative mediation systems at the Château d’Angers :

  • Apocapstreet, combining the art of weaving, sound and video to provide the visitor with an immersive sensory experience.
  • Apocalypsis, a board game to discover the Apocalypse Tapestry in a fun way, the players guided by John the Apostle, master of this augmented-reality game, as they go through the history of the tapestry while having fun.
  • Tapistreet, designed as an itinerary, punctuated by holographic terminals combining historical references and pop culture.
  • Finally, L’Instant Apocalyptique, using representations taken from the tapestry to revisit the text of John the Apostle through the prism of current events.

EXPÉ[Angers] is an action of the West Creative Industries (WCI) programme in the Pays de la Loire, co-managed by Angers Loire Développement in partnership with the University of Angers and the ESAD TALM Angers. It benefits from the support of the Région Pays de la Loire, the CMN (French National Monuments Centre), the DRAC (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs) of the Pays de la Loire, and the metropolis of Angers.