Université de Nantes is the first French university to be awarded an Emmy!

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Université de Nantes has been honored with a Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award by the American National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences!

Each year, Technology and Engineering Emmys® are awarded to people, companies and scientific organizations that help to profoundly transform the way users watch television.


This distinction was granted to Université de Nantes to underline the work of a research team from the Lab of Digital Sciences of Nantes. Led by Patrick Le Callet, also scientific director of the West Creative Industries consortium, they developed open tools to optimize the perceptual quality of video compression.


Quality of visual experience, video compression and optimization

How could we watch high quality videos everywhere, including on mobile phones when the speed is low or fluctuating? This question is of paramount importance for video distribution platforms. Netflix therefore turned to the LS2N IPI (Image Perception Interaction) team, for its ability to understand, model and evaluate the visual experience – relying on user tests in the laboratory and innovative scientific protocols -, associated with advanced skills in automatic optimized image compression.


Video about IPI research work (in french)



An open-innovation collaboration between researchers and companies

LS2N researchers and Capacités, the innovation private branch of Université de Nantes, have been collaborating since 2016 with Netflix and other American universities. The funding model is also original, since Netflix supports the work of LS2N through the Foundation of Université de Nantes. Researchers were free to develop their projects, the only compensation being that the results fall directly into the public domain and benefit everyone.

“This Emmy rewards an open innovation approach which is the fruit of exemplary collaboration between industrial and academic stakeholders. The subtle, intelligent and agile articulation of all the players, in particular the Foundation of Université de Nantes and Capacités, was decisive in the success of this adventure “, explains Patrick Le Callet.


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