Cultural and Touristic Interactive Technology - Research: post doctoral

PREDICT – Evaluation of interactive cultural and tourism devices

Cultural economy, heritage & tourism

PREDICT (post-doctoral research project – LERIA/GRANEM) takes a multidisciplinary approach to observing and evaluating cultural and touristic interactive technology in the Pays-de-la-Loire region. Its partners hope to share a methodology for evaluating digital mediation technology and offer advice to stakeholders in the region.

About the project

PREDICT (Projet de Recherche et d’Évaluation des Dispositifs Interactifs Culturels et Touristiques) is co-funded by RFI OIC and Angers TourismLab and led by senior lecturers attached to LERIA (computer sciences) and GRANEM (economics and management). The use of digital devices such as touch screens, mobile apps, augmented reality and interactive street furniture in cultural and touristic settings is rapidly expanding. PREDICT has developed a multidisciplinary approach to observing and assessing these devices. The project has three objectives:


1. To coordinate a network of laboratories, businesses and culture and tourism stakeholders in the Pays-de-la-Loire (Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, Château d’Angers, Angers Museums Group, Biotopia, Escal’Atlantic, Igloo, etc.) to work on the theme of digital mediation technology;


2. To develop a descriptive grid and database of the technology used by regional and national operators in the culture and tourism sectors; and then to pursue the main areas of research following two complimentary methodologies:

  • Analysis of ergonomics, uses and the impact of technology at our regional partners’ sites;
  • Study of visitor experiences of this technology at tourist sites in the area and of its relationship with public spaces, using an interactive stand designed in collaboration with businesses from the innovation and cultural promotion sectors;

3. To provide advice to regional stakeholders and share a methodology for evaluating digital mediation technology.


There is significant potential to add value to and promote the project including: presentation of results in national and international publications; creation of a regional expertise hub; use of findings to inform educational courses; sharing of results and strategic information with operators in the culture and tourism sector in the Pays de la Loire.


2017/2018: set protocols for observations, recruit a postdoctoral student, create a consortium, and develop a database of devices


2018/2020: collect data, add it to the database and publish online; publications and value-added activities


Élodie JARRIER senior lecturer in management science at GRANEM – Groupe de Recherche Angevin en Économie et Management – EA 7456 – establishment: UFR Droit Économie & Gestion – Université d’Angers –


Olivier HÛ – senior lecturer in computer sciences LERIA – Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherche en Informatique d’Angers – EA 2645 – establishment: UFR ESTHUA Tourisme et Culture – Université d’Angers –


PREDICT is jointly funded by:


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