[VIDEO] Three projects selected after 2016 initial call for research projects

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In April 2016, Ouest Industries Créatives launched its first call for scientific research projects. As a research, education and innovation programme, OIC’s focus  is on developing scientific knowledge at the unexplored interfaces between the creative disciplines (design, fine arts) and research in the fields of human and social sciences, digital sciences and architecture.

One thesis and two start-up activities will be receiving funding. The successful applicants presented their projects on 21 September 2016 at a round table event: ‘Industries créatives : une recherche indisciplinée ?’* (*Creative industries – undisciplined research?)



A study of the effects of light stimuli on consumer behaviour.

Université d’Angers (Granem, Gwenaëlle Briand-Decré) / École de Design Nantes Atlantique (Design lab Ville durable, Florent Orsoni)

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Approaches to co-design in the development of accommodation for the elderly, involving users/residents and public and private stakeholders.

École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes (AAU, Daniel Siret) / École de Design Nantes Atlantique (CARE Design Lab, Gaël Guilloux)

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Data visualisation in an immersive environment such as a virtual reality headset.

Université de Nantes (LINA, Yannick Prie) / École de Design Nantes Atlantique (READi Design Lab, Grégoire Cliquet)

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