The student challenge

Expé[Nantes] 2019-2020

Exploring and testing the uses of tomorrow: an interdisciplinary competition for students and young graduates

West Creative Industries is organizing the second edition of the Expé[Nantes] Challenge, a student competition focusing this year on “the uses of public space and private/public collective places”.


The principle : to propose innovative solutions in response to the challenges posed by testing grounds (public and private partners of Nantes Métropole).

The reward, up to €3,000 in prize money and the possibility of developing your project in a real-life situation, in collaboration with our partner testing grounds.


A design competition for all students from Nantes and the Loire region, followed by a testing phase.

A competition that rewards students’ creativity with a Global Jury Prize and a Challenge Prize, and allows the best teams to create and test their full-scale prototypes in situ, in the first half of 2020.


Challenges on the innovative uses of public space and shared places, putting the user at the centre of the reflection.

Forward-looking challenges led by public and private actors in Nantes Métropole and the Loire-Atlantique department wanting to explore innovation in use in a collective and creative approach > one challenge = one theme + one situation, a context of use.


Creation of volunteer student teams combining a diversity of approaches and expertise.

Mixed teams representing at least two of the three areas represented by the Human and Social Sciences / Digital and Engineering Sciences / Art, Design and Architecture.

“Solutions for the use of public spaces and private/public collective places”

One challenge = one issue + a context of use


Challenges led by public and private partners wishing to explore innovation in uses to optimize the user experience (patients, spectators, visitors or walkers).


Innovative solutions to be developed to respond to concrete problems observed in a given context of use and testing.




Up to €3,000 in prize money and the possibility of testing your project

In addition to rewarding the best concepts, this competition aims to allow you to put the solutions you have imagined into real-life situations.

The winning teams will be awarded a prize (€3,000 for the grand prize, then €1,000 per challenge), and will receive financial support of a minimum of €5,000 for the production and on-site installation of a prototype.


A competition in two parts:

  • Jury 1: Selection of two projects per challenge, which will benefit from mentoring to guide each team in the construction of their project.
  • Final Jury: Selection of the challenge grand prize and of one prize per challenge. The winning teams will be able to benefit from financial and technical support for the creation of their prototypes and in situ testing.


Terms of participation and registration

The participants (students enrolled in an establishment in Nantes Métropole or young graduates residing in Nantes Métropole) must form multidisciplinary teams, comprising between two and five people from at least two of the following fields of study:

– Design / Architecture;

– Engineering and Digital Sciences;

– Human and Social Sciences.


There are two ways to register:
– register your already formed team;
– join a team looking for teammates.



Registration opens on 14 October!


Expé[Nantes] 2018-19: a first edition on third places

From October 2018 to March 2019, 40 students worked on the theme of third places. This first edition was co-organized with the SAMOA / Creative Factory, the Centre for Pedagogical Development of the University of Nantes, Polytech – University of Nantes, Audencia and Ensa Nantes.





Expé[Nantes] is an action of the West Creative Industries (WCI) programme in the Pays de la Loire, carried out in collaboration with establishments and partners based in Nantes, with the support of the Région Pays de la Loire and Nantes Métropole.