Research project = thesis

The “Image-Place” – Art, Architecture, Cinema, Literature & Video Games

Cultural economy, heritage & tourism
Media & image
Space design, landscape & lifestyle

This thesis is part of the general theme dealt with under the CircumFictio project, also winner of the call for Research projects 2019.


It questions the way of inhabiting images and examines the issue of the relationship between immersion and narration, through the concept of “image-place”.


This thesis is co-funded by the Région Pays de la Loire (West Creative Industries) and the ESAD TALM Angers.


Objectives and Methodology

At a time when the world is confronted with multiple realities (physical, augmented and virtual), humans still seem to like projecting themselves in their images. Following Gilles Deleuze’s philosophical work based on the cinema and the invention of his concepts of “image-time” and “image-movement”, would it not be possible to envisage the concept of “image-place” in this age of the synthetic world ?


This project questions our binary and post-human future. Will we be forced to transfer our minds into technological images? Will we become bodies in flow in networked minds ? The implementation of the concept of “real fiction” is seen as a possible vanishing line, an extremely well-documented fictional narrative.


The thesis will allow for proposing new perspectives of places able to receive human intelligence and its different projections in images that have become digital data. How is it possible to inhabit an image? In frescoes? In immersive films, between cinema and installation art? In ultimate narratives without “full” bodies? Inhabited by unique intelligences ?



The thesis will lead to the design and implementation of an exhibition around the concept of “Image-Place” and a catalogue on the same theme.



Duration : three years, from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2022.



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