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Parulie-Parure module

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For this semester-long interdisciplinary module, art students from the Higher School of Art and Design ESAD TALM-Angers and management students from the University of Angers Faculty of Tourism and Culture-ESTHUA (UFR ESTHUA Tourisme et Culture) work together to design and promote items with textile components.


Parulie-Parure is a workshop examining the processes involved in producing a textile item, from the design stage through to its launch on the market.

Two partners

  • ESAD TALM-Angers: the national diplomas DNSEP Art and DNA Art (speciality textiles)
  • University of Angers, Faculty of Tourism and Culture-ESTHUA: Masters’ Degree specialized in Management of Cultural Projects or Institutions (Path: management of cultural services and products)


About the module

Parulie-Parure is the first joint module offered by ESAD and ESTHUA. It encourages students to partake in interdisciplinary work to examine the processes involved in designing, making, valorising and commercializing a product with textile components.

The module gives students considerable freedom to design their projects and produce their items. This ethos is reflected in the module’s title “Parulie-Parure”, which is a combination of two completely unrelated words chosen purely because they appear one after the other in the Larousse dictionary.


The module intersects the fields of clothes manufacturing, fashion and design. Its experimental approach requires students to reverse the processes involved in making a product and to begin instead from an artistic perspective.

The starting point is never predetermined by a specific commission or a set objective, but by an artistic issue to be explored through the production and commercialization processes.


Sessions are organised with the following partners :

–      Moulins de Paillard for an introduction to e-textiles,

–      Ateliers du Haut-Anjou for digital weaving,

–      eMODE technological platform for digital printing.


Groups are mixed with a balance of students from both courses; they work together from the outset, from the design stage through to the market launch.

The objective is to establish an interdisciplinary approach between the two training courses and to enable students from both study programmes to provide mutual support and share their acquired skills and experience. The important thing is that students collaborate throughout, from the open-ended design phase to the commercialization plan.




Teaching and Accreditation arrangements

Students are assessed on their involvement in the proposed project, their ability to work together as a team and to create a product and plan for its production, valorisation, commercialization and promotion.

At TALM-Angers, the workshop and Textile Techniques workshop corresponds to two ECTS credits.

At the University of Angers Faculty of Tourism and Culture-ESTHUA, the applied case study in semester 1 year 2 of the Master’s degree (Master 2) corresponds to two ECTS credits.



This first joint project between ESTHUA (University of Angers) and TALM-Angers will lay the foundations for the more ambitious project of introducing a Master’s-level national diploma DNSEP programme in “Textile Techniques/Textile Art”. This course will combine textiles, design, experimentation and development in conjunction with digital technology and product development processes. It will be supported by a number of academic partners (University of Angers, Lycée de la Mode in Cholet, TALM-Angers, and various renowned industry actors in textiles, including  Moulins de Paillard, les Ateliers d’ Haut d’Anjou, eMODE, and Mission des Métiers d’Art).


There are four stages to the project :

  • Introductory : for students to get to know one another and to form the student groups
  • Design and production
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Valorisation


Deliverables expected

  • Presentation of final projects on Tuesday 11 December 2018 in the St Serge University Library (Bibliothèque Universitaire St Serge) in Angers
  • Presentation of the teaching process by TALM-Angers at the experimental art exhibition centre “Rue sur vitrine”, at Rue Bressigny, Angers
  • Small booklet about the project


Françoise Piot-Tricoire – ESTHUA, Université d’Angers –  franç

Sandrine Pincemaille – ESAD TALM, Angers –


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