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Bachelor’s Degree in Artistic Creation and Digital Technologies / “Culture, Heritage and Tourism” pathway / “Social Sciences” specialization.

Cultural economy, heritage & tourism
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This new Bachelor’s degree course is an option of the “Culture, Heritage and Tourism” pathway of the “Social Sciences” specialization at the Faculty of Tourism and Culture (ESTHUA) of the University of Angers. This is a three-year course available at post-secondary level.


The ESAD TALM school of art and design has been working since 2015 with Polytech Angers, the engineering school of the University of Angers, within the NaN workshop, a programme on the theme of Art and Digital Sciences offered to students from both institutions. This programme was supported by the West Creative Industries (WCI) Research, Higher Education and Innovation programme as the winner of the 2017 “innovative initial training” call for projects.



Presentation of the course

During this three-year programme of study, students will be able to develop their creativity, assimilate technical skills and acquire the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to work in the many fields of activity where creation is combined with new technologies. To this end, the programme is divided into teaching units aimed at developing disciplinary skills in art and the digital sciences, while also integrating the humanities and social sciences.


Teaching methods

The course is organized as follows:

  • Teaching units in the human and social sciences.
  • Disciplinary and pre-professional teaching units specific to the “artistic creation and digital technologies” speciality and supervised by faculty members from Polytech Angers, the ESAD TALM Angers and external lecturers.
  • A final semester largely devoted to an internship in a professional environment.

It includes an important share of workshops, time for experimental practices, and projects to stimulate and nourish the student’s individual academic and career paths, while encouraging openness to different fields and meetings with artists, lecturers and professionals from different disciplines.


Sébastien Lahaye – Polytech/Université d’Angers :

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