[VIDEO] VESPACE project – immerse yourself in an 18th century theatre production

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What about going to the theatre without leaving your sofa or your desk by putting on a virtual reality headset? Or travel through time and attend an 18th century theatre show? Or else relive the social etiquette of the time thanks to artificial intelligence? This is what VESPACE promises to offer us. It is a fantastic immersive tool, ideal for helping history and archaeology researchers with their studies and decisions and great for interacting with the general public.

The research project is supported by the West Creative Industries programme of L’École Centrale de Nantes (engineering school). It is carried by LS2N (Nantes Laboratory for Digital Sciences) and AMO, the laboratory for human and social sciences – from classic to modern times. The project is currently the subject of a thesis by Paul François, a PhD student at L’École Centrale de Nantes.