[Video] Nantes Design Factory : prototype testing at the Congress Center

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Higher Education

For its pilot edition, the Nantes Design Factory course brought together around fifteen students from Nantes School of Design (Media Design Master’s program) and Polytech – Université de Nantes master’s cycle (Master’s degree in “Digital Cultures” and Diploma of Computer science engineer).


Divided into multidisciplinary teams, they had four months to design and prototype innovative solutions responding to two issues proposed by the Nantes Congress Center, related to digital transition issues in the events sector. Let’s look back at the restitution event organized at the Congress Center on Tuesday, February 2, 2021!

The Congress Center Totems : an interactive table for prospects to preview future events in the showroom

The Totems respond to a concrete problem: what new service could be offered in a future showroom for prospects and B2B customers of the Congress Center?


To answer this, the students devised a solution that would transform a first meeting between representatives of the Center and their future custormers into a real experience of playful and inclusive co-construction. The prototype consists of a 3D representation of a space (for example the large hall of the Center) fully fitted out and configured by means of a physical platform and objects to be placed on it. It is therefore a tangible interface allowing prospects to project themselves into their events, by visualizing on the big screen and in an interactive way, the layout of the reception areas.


Project led by Éric BIZET, Julien GARCIA, Xavier TREMILLON (Engineering degree in Computer Science, Polytech Nantes), Arnaud GALEA, Alaric ROOR (Master’s degree in Digital Cultures, Université de Nantes), Baptiste GUERIN and Amélie WEHRUNG (Master’s degree in Media Design, Nantes School of Design).

© Amélie WEHRUNG

Anymotion : playful in situ device, presenting the initiatives of Nantes metropolis in relation to hosted events

In order to respond to the challenge of digitizing the visitor journey, the students wanted to make Nantes Congress Center the started point of a more global user experience.


Anymotion is a playful device aimed at welcoming but also informing and directing visitors to initiatives in the Nantes metropolis, in connection with the event they are attending. The students have developed an interactive map combining data-visualization and signage. By means of dynamic displays on the ground and QR codes, the visitor is able to move around the map to select and then discover events (workshops, sporting events, plays, performances, etc.).


Project led by Alexis AIGUEPARSE, Jonas DELANNOY, Nathan SEVA (Engineering degree in Computer Science, Polytech Nantes), Léo QUENTEL (Master’s degree in Digital Cultures, Université de Nantes), Sarah GERGAUD, Alix GORA et Nolwenn HERBRETEAU (Master’s degree in Media Design, Nantes School of Design).

Halle 6 Ouest : a central place hosting courses and providing prototyping facilities

Throughout the project, and as much as sanitary conditions allowed, the students met every week at Halle 6 Ouest, in order to benefit from the tools and expertise of the Manufacturing Lab.


They also took part in practical teaching sessions to complete their skills in financial feasibility in collaboration with Université de Nantes management school, but also modeling and design thanks to the expertise of the Manufacturing Lab manager of Halle 6 Ouest.




The “Design Factory Nantes” is co-organized by Université de Nantes, Polytech’Nantes and Nantes School of Design as part of the West Creative Industries regional program. Among its missions, WCI supports the setting up of new interdisciplinary training courses and pursues an international outreach strategy through 5 partnerships including Aalto University in Helsinki. The “Design Factory” is a concept supported by Aalto University since 2008 but also an international network of 29 partners that West Creative Industries wishes to join.