Sponsor Expé[Nantes] and support the development of projects on third spaces

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The world of employment is changing at breakneck speed. Digital tools, artificial intelligence and robots are transforming the way we work and dismantling the boundaries between innovation and work.

New professions, new spaces and new approaches, such as open innovation and remote working, are taking shape and opening up exciting fields of experimentation. Businesses in the Pays de la Loire can play their part in this through a unique sponsorship scheme.

In this field of experimentation, the question of third spaces, i.e. shared, collaborative, flexible spaces for co-working, is central. In the towns of the Pays de la Loire region, and in Nantes especially, these new workspaces are flourishing, and inspiring new ways of thinking about how we plan public spaces, new digital tools, safety management, etc


What is the best way for companies to support this trend, anticipate the new needs it generates, create new services and begin to shape the form these developments will take?


Cyanéa – 18/10/2018


EXPÉ[NANTES]: a novel challenge to attempt to answer these questions

The project is one of the interdisciplinary challenges set to students under the Ouest Industries Créatives programme. Its objective, over a six-month period, is to develop and test innovative solutions for the region and for tomorrow’s needs.


In October 2018, approximately 30 students from partner institutions began developing ideas and carrying out trials at three sites in Nantes: The “Centrale” business centre, the “Karting” business hub and the B9 at the University’s Centre for Pedagogical Development.

After an initial exploratory workshop and developing and testing concepts, the six-month project concludes with an exhibition, reproducing the projects, at Hangar 32 in Nantes at the end of January 2019.


Cyanéa – 18/10/2018

An opportunity for businesses in the Loire region to get involved through sponsorship

Support, in the form of cash, expertise (collaborators, products, technology) or in kind (donations of materials and equipment) will make it possible to move beyond the trial/prototype stage and to implement the students’ solutions at partner sites.

This has a number of advantages for businesses:

  • Your company will be associated with an innovative venture
  • Contribute to the development of ideas, build expertise and prepare activities
  • Join a dynamic network (students, partners, educational institutions)
  • Take advantage of  the tax benefits associated with sponsorship


If you are as inquisitive as our students about the future world of work and would like to support their original ideas: become a sponsor to EXPÉ[NANTES]



If you have any questions contact us.


EXPÉ[NANTES] is jointly organised by Creative Factory, an agency for economic development, in partnership with the Université de Nantes and its Foundation,the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes, Polytech and Audencia Business School.