Motion Motion: an away day for moving images professionals

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The Motion Motion festival in Nantes, showcasing the art of moving images, is open to all members of the public on 19 May 2018. The day before, on 18 May, there will be an away day exclusively for motion design professionals: Motion Motion #LeOff, at Mediacampus.

On the programme

Are you a company, artist, researcher or student in the fields of media, audiovisual or images? Motion Motion #LeOff could be just what you’re looking for!


As part of the second Motion Motion festival in Nantes, Creative Factory and Ouest Industries Créatives, with the support of Mediacampus, are organising an afternoon of reflection and discussion. The goal of this inaugural meeting is to build a bridge between academic research and the sector’s socio-economic world.


> 12h30-14h: networking lunch to get to know one another


> 14h-16h: New Technology roundtable discussion: when research comes alive for motion design, with:

Matthieu Colombel, motion designer, and founder and Director of Blackmeal, President of the French Association of Motion Designers (AMDF).
Mattias Peresini, founder and Director of Mattrunks, a motion design training platform.
Patrick Le Callet, Professor at the Université de Nantes, researcher in image and video-communications, modelling of the human visual system, and image processing applications (who has worked with Netflix).
Matis Hudon, researcher at V-Sense de Trinity College Dublin.


> 16h-17h: tour of the creative cluster.



(Registration is free but numbers are limited)