CIFRE thesis offer related to the UserLab of the University of Le Mans

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Possibility of carrying out a thesis with the CREN (Nantes Centre for Educational Research, Le Mans site), under a CIFRE industrial agreement for research training and in partnership with the company Veolia.

Subject of the thesis

Smart multimodal interactions for the manipulation of data on a multi-screen wall

The Tifaifai project of the CREN-Le Mans has for several years been developing issues around the design of new information display devices based on smart and embedded algorithms. This work has led to the implementation of a wall of screens, the interfaces of which can be adapted to different contexts of use.


New issues now arise in terms of the manipulation of the data displayed on the multi-screen wall and the complementarity of the different means of interaction (tablet, surface table, Kinect, voice commands, etc.) faced with a large display surface and the management of this multi-modal equipment.


The problem raised by the thesis will therefore be to propose and experiment with different interaction modalities and to establish recommendations according to the use scenarios experimented, in particular those of SARP / Veolia. The development of these interaction modalities will have to take into account the distributed and embedded architecture of the current system. Testing will be conducted in two separate locations equipped with an equivalent system: the UserLab at the University of Le Mans and the SARP / Veolia agency in Le Mans.

Profile sought

Master 2 or computer engineer level, with skills or knowledge in the following fields:
– artificial intelligence (agents and/or deep learning);
– human-computer interfaces and interactions;
– creativity and innovation, data manipulation, multimodality;
– teamwork and interaction with future users;

– computer languages (C, C++, Web technologies);
– operating systems (embedded systems, Linux).


CIFRE agreement, 3-year contract, salary of €34,500 gross per year.


Dates and place

Beginning of September 2020.
The thesis will take place part-time in the two establishments:
– the CREN-Le Mans, at the University of Le Mans;
– SARP / Veolia, Le Mans site.