Call for innovative initial education projects

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Higher Education

Ouest Industries Créatives has launched the second stage of its 2017 call for innovative initial education projects. Applications for projects running to 2019 will be accepted on an ongoing basis until 31/12/2017. This call supports the introduction of joint, short-format interdisciplinary modules at a number of OIC’s member institutions, in anticipation of new courses and occupations. The projects funded will explore a hybrid combination of skills at the intersection of the creative disciplines (art, design, architecture), digital sciences, engineering and/or human and social sciences.


  • To foster the emergence and dissemination of innovative educational approaches based on bringing students from different disciplines together around a shared goal;
  • To develop new fields of expertise through collaboration between the creative disciplines and human and social sciences and/or digital sciences and engineering;
  • To encourage new collaborations between institutions and to support existing inter-institutional modules, as part of a formal certification process (accreditation through ECTS credits). In the case of pre-existing modules, these must be significantly expanded or transformed (made international, prototypes created, etc)
  • To anticipate the development of coordinated educational pathways and/or double diplomas;
  • To support the development of relations between educational bodies and the socio-economic and corporate world.

Les 5 projets retenus à ce jour :