Nantes University Hospital

Nantes University Hospital offers a range of routine and highly specialized medical and surgical services, 24/7 emergency care for patients, alternatives to full hospitalization (outpatient activities, telemedicine, network-based activities with regional hospitals, clinics and community medicine).

By treating the most serious diseases and delivering the most complex medical care, Nantes University Hospital is a centre of excellence, recognized at the regional and inter-regional scale as a benchmark in the field. It also provides routine and local medical care for the 800,000 inhabitants of the Nantes/Saint-Nazaire metropolitan area.

As a partner of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, Nantes University Hospital contributes to university and post-graduate teaching and to the training of hospital and non-hospital practitioners. It also ensures initial education opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Nantes University Hospital participates in public health, prevention and health education actions for the patients in its care, as well as in information campaigns for the general public.