The Audencia business school in Nantes has 4,700 students and 120 lecturer-researchers. It has signed agreements with 269 overseas academic institutions and 160 national and international businesses. It offers courses in economics, finance, banking, accounting, business, management, administration, marketing and communications (with Audencia SciencesCom). Its research activities concentrate on three disciplinary areas (consumer behaviour and marketing innovations/ the management of organisations and the value chain/ audits, risks and financial performance), and two cross-disciplinary areas (global responsibility and entrepreneurship).


In 2014, Centrale Nantes, Audencia Business School and the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes (ENSA Nantes) formed an alliance. Combining engineering, management, architecture and design, the three institutions represent 6,600 students, 710 lecturer-researchers, researchers and research staff, more than 450 international academic partners and 90,000 m² of premises.


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