The “Design Factory Nantes” University Diploma is back in session!

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On september 13th, the “Design Factory Nantes” innovation programme, jointly run by Nantes Université (and its engineering school Polytech) and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique (design school), welcomed its third school year at Halle 6 Ouest – Nantes Université. After two pilot editions, this is the first time that the DF Nantes is being run as a University Diploma.

Four projects on transition issues and innovation in use

Dedicated to the design, prototyping and experimentation of products and services, the Design Factory Nantes offers students practical learning experiences in the context of real challenges to be carried out in project mode, according to an approach centred on uses. At the end of the programme, a diploma is awarded to participants to certify the skills acquired.


For this new edition, 24 students will work in multidisciplinary teams on the subjects of three partners:

  • Eiffage Construction : develop the marketing methods for housing by proposing solutions for customising and modularising spaces in the design ;
  • Nantes Métropole : TerraCool, Ecological, aesthetic and inclusive raw earth fresh islands (in collaboration with researchers from LS2N and CRENAU) ;
  • Pochet du Courval Group : multi-sensory tool for prototype validation
  • Nantes Métropole : “The city at night”, lighting environments/energy-efficient lighting solutions for safety and well-being (Nantes Métropole)


Students come from nine courses :


5 months to design, prototype, test

Students will meet every Tuesday at the Halle 6 Ouest – Nantes Université, in independent groups or in workshops. They will work in an interdisciplinary way, in project mode, supported by their teachers and by experts according to the needs of the projects, in regular interaction with the companies referents.



During the prototyping phase, students will have access to the technical platforms of Halle 6 Ouest : Manufacturing Lab, for digital manufacturing and prototyping, and the Experience Lab to evaluate the user experience. They will also benefit from the support of students in the Professional Bachelor’s degree in Industry: Mechanics (Product Innovation and Processes course) at the Nantes Université Institute of Technology.


The final restitution, on February 14, 2023, will give place to a presentation of the results of the experimentation of their prototypes in real situation of use.

Among its missions, West Creatives Industries supports the creation of new interdisciplinary training courses and pursues a strategy of international influence through 5 partnerships, including Aalto University in Helsinki (Finland).


The “Design Factory Nantes” is jointly run by Nantes Université (and its engineering school Polytech) and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique (design school) as part of the regional WCI programme. It is aimed at students with 5 years of higher education and continuing education, who meet every Tuesday from September to February at Halle 6 Ouest. At the end of the programme, a University Diploma is awarded to participants to certify the skills acquired.